Hannah – Clinical Manager

Hannah has 15 years’ experience as a mental health nurse. Hannah recognises how challenging it is to reach a person that can help you, especially when you are unwell. Hannah sees the Portsmouth Mental Health Hub as the avenue to better access in Portsmouth.

“I encourage my team to go above and beyond to make the journey clearer and easy for those at the other end of the phone.”

Fun Fact
Hannah enjoys body combat and exercise, which helps her to release stress

Zoe – Access Service Coordinator

Zoe worked in secondary mental health and joined the team to help bridge the gap between services.

“I want to bridge the gap between services and make it as easy as possible for people to be able to access the support they need.”

Fun Fact
Zoe can do basic sign language

Megan – Access to Mental Health Practitioner

Megan joined the team after practising as a Mental Health Nurse and seeing first hand the difficulty people have accessing support for their mental health.

“I came into this role to help make a positive difference in the route to mental health in Portsmouth.”

Fun Fact
Megan’s currently learning Spanish in her free time.